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Long rifles in close quarters combat


Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

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Old March 16th, 2014, 00:20   #76
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well first, to define the chicken wing, it's when your elbow stick out past your shoulder
So in that stance, it's pretty much impossible to have your off hand chicken wing unless you're doing it wrong lol
I have a slight bend in my elbow as well when I'm doing it in the field, as it's easier on my back and shoulder

And your right arm should be tucked in as close as it can be to your body. Your elbow is not stable when it's away from your body
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Old March 16th, 2014, 01:18   #77
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Its possible. I've seen either pics or vids of ppl shooting on the range 'Costa style' but chicken wing it a little on the support arm. Either because they have their Magpulled AR with the AFG a little too close to the magwell, or they are running a shorter AR that doesnt have grip extended all the way to the length of the barrel. So, a person not mindful of tucking in, will assume a natural stance, that is more chicken wing.

Chicken wining isnt all bad. The oldschool pro speed competition shooters like Jerry Miculek chicken wing big time and shoots super weaver/bladed too. No chicken wing is more of a tactical thing so its fine for range shooting versus airsofting or paintballing where you'd want to minimize exposure around obstacles. Actually a little chicken wing is a more natural and ergonomic way to hold the rifle. But modern stances like squared up isosceles stances and tucking in of elbows is purely a tactical thing to utilize body armor and reducing body exposure, respectively.

Chris Costa has his support arm pretty straight on the carbines, and firing arm tucked in. Its just maybe some of the fans who copy him don't do it 100% right. I guess he teaches more of a combination of tactical + speed/accuracy style shooting. I can't imagine someone Costa style their long rifle in CQB and it being very effective. Seems tiring. Magwell hold might even work better.

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