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Noob help with TM SIG 552


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Old February 6th, 2006, 11:25   #1
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Noob help with TM SIG 552

Im new to airsoft and recently purchased the tm sig552
its a sweet gun but when I was trying it out last week every once in a while semi-auto would not fire, it would just cut out and pulling the trigger would produce only a "clicking sound"(the clips are full and working fine), switching it to full auto and firing once and switching it back to semi would fix the problem but i would like to know if this is gunna become a bigger problem in the future or if its just some small part thats off inside the gun? Also i noticed that after firing if you smell around the trigger it has the scent of a "cap gun" smell goes away within a second but is that normal?

any help would be great thanks.
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Old February 6th, 2006, 12:35   #2
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read the manual. this is a common and documented issue caused by releasing the trigger too early when firing in semi-auto mode. Release the trigger when the firing cycle is complete.

The smell is also a common and documented issue caused by the burning off of production oils on the motor brushes and the breaking in of the gearbox grease. It will go away with time.

Read the Manual. It's all in there.
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Old June 12th, 2010, 12:49   #3
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ya i have the same problem, when you pull the trigger too fast it just shits out, just fire once in full auto there no reel fix
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Old June 12th, 2010, 13:56   #4
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Originally Posted by iballBRODY View Post
ya i have the same problem, when you pull the trigger too fast it just shits out, just fire once in full auto there no reel fix

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Old June 16th, 2010, 21:05   #5
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Sig misfires

Read before anything!


If the gun is used you can consider my suggestions below

(TM sigs have many little screws all over the place. remember the plastic can be brittle and screw holes can strip. This sucks but don't sweat it because you can always use a minimally larger screw to fix. Keep in mind of the screw length and head size, these may need to be "massaged" with a Dremel in some cases but work)

If your comfortable with the task I would suggest tearing the gun down, open up the gearbox and clean all the contacts with an electrical contact cleaner. After you do this inspect all the saudered connections and the contacts on the selector plate and be carefull not to tear off any saudered conections during diss/Reassembly.

After the contacts are clean and shiny use a little dielectric grease on the sliding contact areas and good as new.

When the mechbox goes back in the lower receiver make sure your selector guidelines on the geared wheels are lined up, reassemble and try it now.

Oh, and don't loose the little detent bearing and spring on the left selector switch 'cuz then you'll really have fun trying to select your semi-auto fire!

Good luck and happy hunting!
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Old October 9th, 2011, 08:56   #6
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+1 to ILL and almost +1 to Ratters. If the gun is well used and ILLusion's fix doesn't work, then it's the electrical safety that's failing. The selector plate connects two tabs to allow electrical current to pass through. The selector plate get's charred after a while, and through use more and more charring occurs until it won't connect the tabs any more. This is why many v3 gearboxes loose semi-auto after a while, but can still fire in full-auto.
You can try to clean/sand down the charring carefully, but you would still have to open the gun on a regular basis. Getting a low resistance/high temperature selector plate could work, but I recommend something better, cheaper, faster and more permanent: Solder the two tabs together. On many newer switches, it's even normal to have this bypass factory-made. Check out this totally stolen picture for an explanation (ignore the text in it. It's for some other guide).
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