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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Im curious where you are seeing current AEG's as significantly more reliable than dubs, once the motor issue is sorted they basically run decades. Even today most guys on the field i've talked with are all constantly modding, tweaking and maintaining their AEGs to keep reasonable performance.
Its funny because it seems to be true with PTWs too... over the years I saw the same guys tweaking their PTWs all the time to try to get them to work reliably.

The trick to get a reliable AEG is not to mod it constantly. Run it stock and clean its gearbox every few years. The only upgrades that can be justified are mosfets and hop-up rubbers. That's all I do with mines, and I've got cheapo 10+ years old AEGs that still run well. But even that is hardly required today, I'm running a stock LCT AK and didn't even need to change the hop-up rubber, the thing will happily lift 0.40g BBs out of the box. AEGs quickly become a nightmare if you listen to the internets and start "fully upgrading" them. There's no such thing as reliable "fully upgraded" AEGs, the more you mess with them, the more fussy they get.
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