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Exercise. 1990’s

I found some pictures on my camera from a game in September that I forgot about. There is some missing equipment and lack of “war elements”. However, I like how these photos turned out and decided to revive this thread with them.

Basic kit:
- M88 summer / winter set
- Winter cap “VSR”
- 6B5
- SSh68
- Soviet jackboots, footwraps
- AK74M rifle, tourniquet
- RGD5

last picture:
- Mountain suit “Gorka 1”
- Sweater and cap "VSR"

Твое имя и подвиги были забыты прежде, чем высохли твои кости,а ложь, убившая тебя, погребена под еще более тяжкой ложью.

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