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Been sitting on this loadout for a while and finally got all the kit I needed, also found a scorching day to try and make myself faint with the PASGT jacket, steel pot and lugging a M60 around!

Kit list: Popper BDU's (not strictly accurate, the US armed forces were using a much more uncomfortable material cut which still needed to be tweaked)
M1 steel pot (with the last harness type before switiching over to the Kevlar "Fritz" the next year)
PASGT jacket
ALICE webbing with .45 holster and pouch (not used with a rifleman, but I always carry a side arm while playing)
USMC specific medi pouch,
KBAR knife (many photos with marines equipped with this in the invasion)
M16A1 with black nylon sling
Jungle boots
gas mask satchel
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