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Unfortunately the Frontenac Cadpats haven't been made in years, which is a shame since those arguably the most accurate ones you could get. The next closest replica's I've seen are the World Famous (under the Milspec brand) and the cut is based on the old OG pants the CF used to use and even the fabric felt pretty similar, although it's polyco instead of nyco blend.The colour isn't exactly like real CF (like the brown is a bit more orange and the light green slightly more lime-ish) but still surprisingly good.

Now for the bad news, they just recently discontinued those but it's recent enough that you might find some unsold stock for now. Le Baron's carried them, for about $35 so they might still have some left over for now. There's also Forest City surplus that carries it but they're limited in stock too:

I can't speak of the durability because Le Baron's only had the larger sizes when I went, totally would have if they had my size.
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