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Populations are by and large anti gun.. as this is where most of the gun related shootings ocurr.

Rural populations are not Anti-gun because for many of them Guns are used regularly both for sport and subsistance and defense ( against animals )

A huge majority could care less either way... and on the balance restricting guns seems like a good idea to someone who could really care less. Most people are confortable with fences they can't see or that they can pass through unhindered.

Pro Gun is against both the rabid anti gun lobby and the appathy of the majority who in the face of a persuasuve argument see the merit of anti gun laws.

Fact is guns are going to get more restricted not less.. over time.. ( though the opposite just happened in the USA )
Canadians have no constitutional right to the possession of weapons.. so the issue is not a "rights" issue here it is a "law and Order" issue.
Lots of people have tried to make it a rights issue and so far the courts won't hear them. ( or shut them dowm pretty quick )
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