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Attention CF Members!

This is just a reminder for everyone serving, both reserve and reg force, that wearing your uniform, or any of the highspeed tac gear you have been issued to an airsoft game is strictly verboten.

There has recently been an incident involving some members of a reserve unit based out of Toronto - you guys know who you are. This was a serious incident that could have potentially led to charges for the members, and a whole whack of negative publicity for airsoft. It behooves us all as CF members to police ourselves to avoid such incidents in the future.

As CF members, we have to always strive to project a positive image of both the Canadian Forces and ourself both on and off duty. Behaviour such as previously mentioned brings immense dishonour both on the individuals and on the CF as a whole.

Most of us play by the rules, as always, it's the select few ruining things for the rest of us. Please, post and discuss below, but keep it clean guys, no need for a flame war or any res/reg bashing.

For the barrack-room lawyers amoung you;
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