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KJW M9 IA-FM, gas efficiency and firing issues.

So I have a KJW M9 and it has been nothing but problems.

First I have no idea whats going on in a gas pistol so that helps. With both my co2 mag and my GG mag I can only get 3-7 shots off before the gun makes a half cycle and dumps all gas. For the co2 im doing nothing but putting my cartridge in, tightening down till I hear nothing, and firing about 1 round every 5 seconds.

For the GG mag Im pushing my valve in, put the GG can on, dump through the mag to push out all air, close valve with GG can stil on and pouring, fill mag for 15-30 seconds. I then leave it for 20 minutes in a 20c+ environment before I fire 1 round every 5 seconds.

Now just starting today after every round the cylinder assembly gets stuck between the barrel and the slide.

Does anyone know whats going on? In the 6 years I've been gone did KJW take a nosedive in quality, or did I just get unlucky?
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