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Great rates, plus I'll teach you all I know. So next time you can fix it yourself. Love getting into your

Location: Markham, Ontario
ASC User Name: Hightimes
Real Name: Matt
Prefered Method of contact: PM via ASC
Types of Services Offered: AEG Repairs, Upgrading and modifications, Maintenance. Gas pistols, V2/V3/V7 gearbox, Install ASCU, Systema Revolution gearbox.

My Armory
Tokyo Marui MP5 RAS with Systema Revolution gearbox.
G&P MK18 Mod O with ASCU installed.
Ares/Star M14 EBR Standard
R.S. Type 56-1
Western Arms Beretta M9 perfect
TM Night Warrior 1911
TM Python 357 6inch Revolver
TM Glock 18c
TM 4.3 Highcapa

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