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Clicking sound

Hey, so here is the problem, the other day i went out to shoot the m4 and adjust my hopup and all that and when i put the gun into single fire for some reason my gun wont fire so i thought that i was in safe but i wasnt i had the gun in semi so i put it into full auto and it fired fine and then i went back to semi and it didnt shoot again so i was like k, went back into full auto and dumped the mag... i then filled the mag back up to see what was going on and i had the gun back into semi, and i pulled the triger with ease... dont know why.... but today i figured i would check it out andi didnt have a batterie in or anything and i just put it into semi to see if the triger got stuck or what ever was going on.... but now it is hard to pul and it makes a clicking sound when ever done, but in full auto its fine.... (the gun is a new m4 by tokyo marui)

I dont know whast wrong if anyone does please tell me thaks
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