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New to ASC AND Airsoft!

Hi! My name is Cedric(it is a sorta french name). i turned 13 a few months ago and I got a airsoft about a month ago! i know i am underages but my mom would let me have one! the main reason i got one is because my best friend got a airsoft for no absolute reason. I have 1 gun i have no clue what the name is but i can describe i and could someone help me identifie it? the gun is a miniature replica of a AK-47 ( i know my real guns ) its see trough plastic no color whatsoever, batteries operated (batteries are a real hassle to get in!) and its fully automatic one thing i hate about it.. the safety! you have to have the safety pulled down manually(its spring operated) all the time!!! but i love it! i have no clue what the FPS is. i am planing of buying a kit of airsoft from wal-mart i can describe the guns but i cant really give a brief description of it because i only looked at it for around 5 minutes while it was in its package there are 2 guns one is a assault rifle (cant tell what kind it is) and a handgun (same thing cant tell) you get like 5 different scopes for it all i can remember is a red dot sight ( it was some time ago) anyways that's my gun and future guns! I never played a game so i have no idea what the thrill is. i did shoot my self in the hand once ( i was wondering if it hurt and i needed to wake up that morning:P) I was planning of having a game over at my friends house with a few friends but his parents dint want him to have it because unofficial games are illegal (true or not? can someone help?)

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