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If it's a pistol yo uare referring to, cock the slide (w/o a mag of course) and hold the slide back, then flip and hold upside down. Drop a couple drops of oil into the mag well trying to target the rubber head of the piston. Then release the slide and move it back and forth a few times. You'll increase the seal, possibly increase the fps by a few, and make it run much smoother. You'll find your hop up doesn't work as well the first dozen shots because yo uare blowing oil vapour into the barrel, but it'll come back.

Springers do have a place in airsoft, largely for colder weather back up. I have a Crosman P99 springer (wicked fly swatter BTW), had a TM Glock 19, and want a TM Mk23 springer at some point if I can find one.
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