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I just wish there was some way all the retailers could black list him, n we could all be assured that he'll never be able to buy another gun for the rest of his life.

You know you might be on to something here... what if we got all the Retailers in Canada (not that there is a HUGE ammount of them) together and make a "Airsoft Owners License"... and when some shit like this happens... it could be avoided... because what parent is gonna go through the trouble of having to get a license to own an air gun to give to their kids when they can go down to Crappy Tire and give em a Daisy to put their eyes out with!

Atleast this way we could help weed out idiots with airsoft guns like the damn kids... and to get the license you simply have to prove to a local field that supports which ever retailer that you're 18+... kinda like here on the forums... then have that license number added to some webpage only they have access too or something that they can verify it to... or something...

DAMNIT another license what the hell am I talking about?! >.< Jesus now I need to be shot!

Only thing is I don't know if there is a serial number on any gun and if so then you'd have to change it if you get a new metal body...
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