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It's a useful info about gas gun care. I'm more like a collector than a gamer. I collect only gas guns within these 2 1/2 year around 15 - 20 different rifles and pistols, new and used. I did the gun care and maintain even modify by myself. As of my experience I would like to add a bit more if that also count into gas gun care. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Gas gun has more vibration and higher impact than electric when shooting. Means some pins and screws could get lose easily. By lubricant your moving parts in your weapon, also check if there is any pin pop out or lose screw. That could cause problems if not be addressed and taking care of. Apply thread lock if needed to secure it in place. Further more, check with excessive wear, crack or damage everytime you do you gun care. If there is any, it will belong to maintenance and get gun doc to do it right if you don't know how to handle it. Enjoy and have fun!
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