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My 75th Ranger impressions... modern look

Kit list (repros tagged with *)

-mich 2000
-Wilcox L3-G10 nvg mount
-ESS goggles
-IR flag patch, reverse, right side
-IR blood patch, left side
-IR square patch, on top
-MS2000 strobe, rear
-goggles retention straps
-PETZL taktikka
-Oakley SI 2.0

-Peltor Comtac II single comm*
-PX-Nexus PTT*
-PRC 148 United Star*
-TCI mast

-Crye P. 2nd gen. combat shirt, multicam
-FROG FR level 1 t-shirt
-Crye P. 2nd gen. combat pants, multicam
-Oakley factory pilot gloves
-Asolo FSN95 gtx

1st line
-Spec ops rigger’s belt, coyote
-Yates retention lanyard, coyote
-So-tech IFAK, RG, RLCS 1st gen.
-Gerber MP600 tool

2nd line
-EI MBAV, RG, RLCS 2007 issue
-EI ciras pads RG, RLCS 2003 issue
-EI admin, RG, RLCS 2006 issue
-EI 3x double magazine pouch, RG, RLCS 2007 issue
-EI 1x double magazine pouch, RG, RLCS 2003 issue
-EI horizontal utility, RG, RLCS 2003 issue
-AI MBITR, RG, RLCS 2003 issue
-EI 100 rnds, multicam, RLCS 2010 issue
-AI modular assault pack, RG, RLCS 2003 issue
-Camelbak hydration

-G-shock mudman wristwatch
-Cat’s tourniquet

-G&P M4A1*
-Knight’s Armaments RAS
-Knight’s Armaments front grip
-Troy Ind. rear sight
-peq15 + M3X *
-Eotech 552*.... I need a 553
-Tactical Tailor bungee sling


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