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Kwokwai June 11th, 2021 17:28

ICS MP5 metal upper no hopup screw points?
A question to everybody:

I recently purchased a replacement ICS MP5 metal upper from Hero's (yeah, I know, but weirdly enough they had it in stock and I received it within a week) to replace my old one where the front end mount fingers are broken. This NIB upper for some strange reason doesn't have the two screw-in mount points for the hopup unit/barrel.

Does anybody know when this change came into play and if this isn't a factory defect then where can I purchase the new version hopup unit if this is how it's now supposed to work? Also, the section that mates to the cocking tube part also now has a larger outer diameter. If anybody can provide some background info I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for any help.

RainyEyes June 11th, 2021 18:14

Can you post a pic of the unit? If it's the marketed mx5 unit it's a bit hard to come by since mach1airsoft closed and they were one of the few carriers.

The mx5/ICS hopups are proprietary and might be different from each other.

Kwokwai June 11th, 2021 21:53

Hero Outdoors calls it the "ICS Full Metal Body For MP5 Mod5 Series Airsoft AEG". Sounds like it might be the same thing. Going for $113.99.

The MP5 Mod 5 hopup that they are selling looks like the regular MP5 hopup though based on the quick look at the image as it has the two points for mounting onto the body with two small screws so I thought that the body should have been the same. I'll see if I can take some pics for posting a little later on this weekend.

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