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nic_s June 7th, 2006 14:51

CA36K Fix!
Initial Problem: The gun would seize and lock back all the time. Extremely frustrating. Also, the tappet plate would skip on the sector gear, causing it to get stuck between the tappet actuating nob and the axle of the sector gear.

Fix: Marui gears and piston/ piston head, re-shim.

Nothing fancy but it works great now. Hopefully this will help someone else out there!

the_spork_of_death June 7th, 2006 21:04

what caused it to sieze up

nic_s June 9th, 2006 02:27

I don't know.

SHaKaL June 9th, 2006 02:30

Weird.. dont have any problems with mine...

nic_s June 9th, 2006 13:55

I honestly think I got a lemon. A Montagsgewehr, if you will.

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