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warbird June 20th, 2009 11:31

C8 Discussion Thread
Hey guys! I'm finally getting started on my C8 project. I'd just like to have a discussion thread on C8s in general. I've done my research, but I always find a discussion to be more helpful. Any tips on how to get started? Pics? Info? Please discuss.

First of all, I'm pretty sure I have seen pictures of CF members with a Crane stock, could this be possible? I'd like to store my battery in the stock, I don't think I'd like the front heaviness of a PEQ. Any pictures of C8s would be very appreciated.

I know this is an out of the blue thread, but I just feel like there is no specific thread on C8s.

Please discuss,


warbird June 20th, 2009 11:50

I'm thinking of doing something like this:

I like the look of the last picture, but do the replica EOtechs work well in daylight?

warbird June 20th, 2009 11:55


Originally Posted by -MikeL- (Post 1010596)
A lot of guys have gone out an purchased their own stock(VLTOR, LMT, etc) for their C7/C8 rifles aswell as pistol grips, vert grips, RAS handguards and lights. And a lot of guys have gotten their own sights such as EoTech, Aimpoint, ACOG, schimdt & bender, etc. Aswell as iron sights like the carrying handle/iron sight aswell as fixed an folding BUIS.

The C8 is now issued with an EoTech sight; some places will issue the C8 with the C79 Elcan aswell as the EoTech.

And for the IR laser stuff; the CF uses the PEQ2 and PAQ4. Also we get the M3X Tactical Illuminator flashlight to mount on our rifles.

Here's an example of a standard C8A1 and a C8SFW with personal add ons.

The new C8A3 rifles come standard with
regular/standard plastic handguards, pistol grip an stock in a OD colour
OD Cadex folding vertical grip
EoTech 552
Diemaco/Colt Canada BUIS
And depending on the unit you would also be issued the M3X light and a C79 sight.

Thanks for the info. So you can customize your basic C8?

warbird June 20th, 2009 12:07

Ok, thanks.

I'm building off a CA M15A4.

I'm thinking of adding:
- a crane stock to store my battery and/or PEQ (maybe wired to front and back)
- plastic handguard with small rail and Triad rail
- heavy barrel
- Aimpoint
- Vert grip

Any suggestions?

warbird June 20th, 2009 12:29

Yes, I forgot to mention a BUIS.

May I ask what the difference between RIS and RAS is?


Shirley June 20th, 2009 14:17


Originally Posted by warbird (Post 1010597)
I like the look of the last picture, but do the replica EOtechs work well in daylight?

If you buy the replicas, they are somewhat a bit visible in daylight.
The real EOTechs, are very visible.

Nervikaire June 20th, 2009 14:31

If you are going for a C8 in general look... Don't forget that the CF isn't the only group using them. So you do have a lot of room for personnal choices.

Crunchmeister June 20th, 2009 15:41

I have an HK416 crane stock on my C8, and a Guarder crane stock on my C7. For me, it's more about functionality than looks. I want the CF weapons and their general look (including the proper C7/C8 receivers), but I won't give up the funcitonality of being able to fit a nice high capacity battery.

warbird June 20th, 2009 16:34

That's why I'm going to put a crane stock on there.

Thanks a lot for the info guys!

Crunchmeister June 20th, 2009 17:14

Here you can see both my C7 and C8 with their crane stocks. I like the look better than the standard small M4 stock. Add to that the ability to have a nice nigh capacity battery, and it's a winner to me, even though it's not 100% accurate for looks.

panzergrenadier June 20th, 2009 17:27

1 Attachment(s)
Here's my C8A3 so far... still a few things to add.

Crunchmeister June 20th, 2009 18:16


Originally Posted by -MikeL- (Post 1010740)
Crunchmeister; like I said in an earliar post a lot of guys(including myself) have their own person add ons on their issued rifles including stocks. So your C7 an C8 is accurate.

Yup. Not 100% accurate to "issue" standard, but accurate to "in the field" standard. Works for me. Like I said, I take function over cosmetics any day.

warbird June 20th, 2009 23:31

Are the heavy barrels only bigger at the end? So basically, could the standard RAS/RIS fit on a heavy barrel?

warbird June 21st, 2009 00:08

IE :
Crane stock :
Would this one be high enough for the stock triangle M4 front sight?

Any suggestions regarding parts choice? They must be compatible with Classic Army. Are these models compatible?


Lerch June 24th, 2009 17:53


Originally Posted by warbird (Post 1010877)
Are the heavy barrels only bigger at the end? So basically, could the standard RAS/RIS fit on a heavy barrel?

Yes. The dimension of the barrel usually has no effect on the use of an rail kit (unless its drastic). The D-ring and gas block are where the rails lock in after all ;)

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