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SockMonkey January 18th, 2006 21:13

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Hey I got my ACU kit for christmas figured i could show a few pics. I love ACU i wasnt sold on it when my mother got me ACU, I wanted 3 colour desert. Note people never send someone who has no clue with out pictures! This is a Ranger Rack with some Molle pouches.

pugs144 January 18th, 2006 21:17


Phalanix January 18th, 2006 21:41

Welcome to the club! :tup:

Sure_Shot February 6th, 2006 19:46

Yah i also wear ACU and it fits in with pretty much everything.

BC_K February 6th, 2006 19:49

Sock just curious, How many friggin different sets of camo do you have?

You screwin the camo fairy? :wink:

BTW, Nice gear, Really like that pattern. The colours look really nice.

Vince February 8th, 2006 19:54

Nice set, but personnaly I'm not a fan of the ACU. At first (in 2004), I was excited about an all-condition camoflage. But then, when I saw the final result, I was kinda disapointed... Some further tests disapointed me more. I doesn't blend that good in most environement wheter it's desert or woodland. The colors are too light for a dense woodland environement and too much foliage green for desert environements. I personnaly tested it with a ACU patrol cap compared to 3color and woodland. The older pattern where better. Then I found some article about "Skorpion" pattern (known as Crye Multicam). I you're looking for THE all condition pattern bdu set, Mutlicam is the answer!!! It blends breatly in both arid (not that good in real desert) and woodland. Haven't tried it personnaly but I found a test over the internet at
simply the best camo to me, even compared to USMC Marpat.

Anyway, nice set :)

Phalanix February 8th, 2006 21:25

A generalized pattern will never be as effective as a camo that's designed for a specific environment.

But still, ACU is still A Cool Uniform. :D

Lerch February 8th, 2006 23:45

Very nice setup, now you need some grey cam cream :lol:

Btw, what's the large pouch on the front of your rig? Just a dump pouch?

SockMonkey February 9th, 2006 03:11

Sort of its actually a but pouch but thats my SAW rig and i needed somthing to carry the "crap" in. Or if im running with my M4 its a dump pouch. Next time out ill bring it and you can have a look if your there. Ive actually figured out how to rig an X-harness so next perchase is the X-harness and hydration panel.

Phalanix March 27th, 2006 12:53

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Boom! ACU! ;)

Just updating the ACU thread a whored a bunch of pics at this past weekend's game. Early spring at the Wasaga field, blended in pretty well.

ACU Photos (mostly on pages 4-6).

gandar March 27th, 2006 13:06

Nice shots. I could see this time of year being good for ACU, as well in the late fall....

SockMonkey March 27th, 2006 13:07

Looking fine guys! Im really thinking of getting a helmet/cover seing how sexy that looks i really think i will! damn you!! more money sacrificed to the airsoft gods!

Phalanix March 27th, 2006 13:50

That's what happens sometimes.... airsoft makes you into gear whores.

Kimbo March 27th, 2006 15:31

What do you mean...sometimes.

Just got my ACU and fielded it this weekend. I think it's pretty good for this time of year with a little snow kicking around.

Farmboy March 27th, 2006 16:35

I though ACU was horrid when I first saw pics of it.

We just had 2 guys from the US Army up to do a seminar, and after seeing it in person I have changed my mind. Again it's a great general pattern, not a specific one, so it has to be treated as such.

TAG and HSGI are now being offered in ACU as well for those who have accepted it like me :D

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