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KND November 9th, 2008 16:42

huh ! don't buy L96 for your first gun then you won't have interest in sport anymore because that gun is suck unless you buy a decent one and the decent is not less than 1000 $ also it's not gamble because of their high FPS.



Originally Posted by Soulfly (Post 857848)
Hey Guys! My name is Trevor and I'm 23 years young. A friend of mine, Jeff (baker_jeff) Introduced me to the sport a while ago.. but I never had Interest.. I've always been a huge paintball fan.. But Recently.. I've been searching for BB guns and Wanted to design a semi-auto/full-auto BB Gun, but then decided to just get into Airsoft. I'd rather play on a field in scenario games and such.

Shall be fun getting to know a few of you.. and I'm looking forward to purchasing my First L96! I also have interest in some other guns as well.. But Mainly the L96, G36 and MP5.

Thanks Guys!

kalnaren November 9th, 2008 23:14


Originally Posted by Soulfly (Post 857848)
Shall be fun getting to know a few of you.. and I'm looking forward to purchasing my First L96! I also have interest in some other guns as well.. But Mainly the L96, G36 and MP5.

Thanks Guys!

For the first gun, go for a G36 or MP5. Sniper rifles are very, very difficult to use effectively and it's a hard role to play when you're inexperianced. And seriously, a properly upgraded G36 will be almost as effective., and still leave you the "assault" role option.

RageKat November 11th, 2008 03:53

hey people, Bailey 22, new to airsoft. . thanks to my big bro i have FINALLY decided to check it out n see if i got the stuff lol. . time to show the guys they cant have all the fun ;)

KNIVEZS November 14th, 2008 20:04

^^ use the EDIT function

cpolly November 17th, 2008 02:38

Hello Airsoft Canada, i'm a new member here (although long time lurker). Been in and around this website for the past many years but for some reason never signed up for an account 'till now. I'm the proud owner of a new CA B&T MP5-A4 and am really excited to play this upcoming season. Btw, i've tried contacting Ottawa area 'age verifiers' with absolutely no success.
All for now, Cheers!

DANTENING November 23rd, 2008 00:11

Hello guys, I'm 25 years old lives in Barrie, Canada, I'm new here and haven't got any gun yet...I love M92F and M4A1, also sniper rifle too! Where can I buy a good blow back full metal gun like m92f in Canada??

canadian rider November 26th, 2008 23:15

Hey folks. I'm new here, 23 and lookin to get into airsoft in the Kelowna. Don't have any guns or gear and no money for it at the moment with xmas here but I hope to get age verified in the near future so I can pick up a couple things in the new year.


dstole December 10th, 2008 09:15

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Hi all,
I recently signed up while looking for information about some gear I was thinking about getting. I am originally from Comox Valley BC, but have lived the last 12 years in Japan.

About 3 months ago some friends and I were walking through the electric district of Tokyo and stumbled on a place selling used Airsoft pistols. They looked cool, and we thought they would be fun for props in film and video...I bought a Walther P99

Well, soon I and my 3 office mates were having pistol shooting competitions in the office. I looked into Airsoft a bit more and discovered in is a huge thing here in Japan.

I decided to get an AEG used of a Japanese auction sight, and got a great deal on a TM M733 commando.

Then my buddies and I headed to a few indoor games (and 1 at a local park that we organized in the late evening).

We were hooked. I picked up a TM M14 Socom and a TM 1911 MEU pistol. Just a few days ago I picked up a TM MP7A1 with the new Tracer Unit and a nice dot sight.

I think it is fair to say I am addicted!

Being in Japan I have access to alot of equipment at really good prices, but the language barrier makes it hard sometimes. I thought this might be a good place to pick up some tips and advice.

Too bad I can't get age verified cause I am out of country.

Anyway, enjoy!
I look forward to reading more.

triggerhappyNLD December 11th, 2008 16:25


My name is Erik, 21 year old Dutch Airsofter, looking arround here to just get to know the international community a bit more.

Cheers !

Lisa December 11th, 2008 17:48

Hiya Erik, welcome to ASC

aK-Mag December 11th, 2008 21:01

Hey, my name is Dustin I['m 22, I've been huge into scenario/woodsball .43 paintball for a few years, Now I've decided to give airsoft a go
PS, I'm looking for a solid metal AEG rifle smg/pistol

triggerhappyNLD December 12th, 2008 16:27


Originally Posted by aK-Mag (Post 878605)
PS, I'm looking for a solid metal AEG rifle smg/pistol

wrong topic mate. wrong topic ;)

Thnx Lisa :) hope to have a nice time here.

and welcome to Dustin :)

just came over here to see what airsoft is like in canada, since your gun laws put you in a grey area... at least you can play: airsoft in my country, The Netherlands, is illigal....

L.S.J.S December 14th, 2008 20:40

Hi everyone

I'm Larry 29 From St.Thomas Ont. Just new to Airsoft.I cant wait to get started I am currently trying to get age verified. If there is anyone in my area that would verify me that would be great I am finding that this is not an easy sport to get into. And guns are hard to find! Anyways Im glad to be here and look forward to some good times....................

PattyBam December 17th, 2008 05:06

hey there, new to the forum. I'm 19 years old and from North York. I was always a fan of airsoft but was not at the appropriate age to participate and now i am! I'm saving up for my first gun and i'm gonna read the FAQ's and such before I ask any stupid questions. I'm probably gonna go for an MP5 since it's the most popular gun to start off, instead of the m4 or any other assault rifles. Now all i need to do is get my aged verified =\

mozart December 17th, 2008 10:10

Howdy All!
New to Airsoft, Converting over from the Paintball. Almost Completely set up, just need my Age verification to finish up here on ASC to finish the kit. Spring can't come soon enough!

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