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DustMagnet September 29th, 2008 18:31

Greetings from another noob
Hey all,

I've been lurking here for a while and recently decided to get carbon dated so I can see what I might get myself into. I'm not convinced that I want to get my ass shot off in the woods yet but the replicas and the tech are PDC. :)

shenkhar October 1st, 2008 19:23

Hi everyone!
Evening folks - I've been lurking around for a while, recently got myself age verified. I'm from winnipeg and go to the U of M, nice to meet you all!

grandjayson October 2nd, 2008 10:17

My name is Jay from Mississauga... born in 1979 (Philippines).. i had a bit of experience with airsoft back home and hoping to further that experience here in Canada.....

rexdlu October 2nd, 2008 16:52

Welcome, you'll find a lot of useful information and several answers to most of your questions here on ASC. October 5th, 2008 07:04

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jing, rigistered several days before, and i'm notifing in here now.:D

notec October 11th, 2008 12:12

Hello from Saint John NB. My name is Jonathan(Notec). If you have ever been on any airgun forums, you probably already know me. Im a regular at the Canadian Airgun forum, and a moderator at Dr Frankenguns forum.

I decided im not spending my money fast enough, so im adding airsoft guns to my collection:p

I have alot of antique and rare airguns in my collection. And love to customize my regular shooters.

Hopefully I become a regular member here. I will share my years of knowledge, and hope to learn from you as well.

Disco_Dante October 11th, 2008 12:36

If you love to customize so much, you should probably buy a TM hi-capa as your first pistol. You might have a coronary when you see all the crap available for those.

Skladfin October 11th, 2008 12:43

Hi, my name is Skladfin, and I'm an airsoftaholic

Wilson October 11th, 2008 14:17

I've been here too long... haha

ISelVWs October 13th, 2008 11:45

Hi guys and gals. My name is Nick and I am from Winnipeg and I am addicted to Airsoft. A couple of guys from work got me into the sport and I can't stop thinking about the next time I can fire my gun. I have a Tokyo Marui P 90 TR that I have just upgraded with new internals and a 455mm tightbore inner barrel. I haven't had a chance to see what it can do in a firefight, only what it can do to a cardboard box...poor box! I look forward to meeting some people from the Winnipeg area and having some fun. By the way, who do I talk to in Winnipeg to get age verified?



Love October 13th, 2008 18:47

Hi. My names Josh. I live in Bowmanville, Ontario. I speak some russian, and english ofcourse. I'm currently 17 years old. I like airsoft, and will probably like it for a long time due to my fondness of guns.

I have a medical condition, which makes my hands shake. Its not parkinsons, but its somewhat like that on a lesser scale. Its a fine motorskill problem. My hands shake when I write and such. Which tends to mean that my hands shake when holding the gun sometimes, but whatever.

I like computers, and videogames, and I have a long shaggy haircut. Yea, about another 1inch and it'd be down to my shoulders. I need to get it trimmed, but I like my shaggyness.

Nice to meet ya'll.

Nosforatoos October 23rd, 2008 19:03

Greeting's My name is Peter 30 years old
Built myself a little collection over the years very painfully..
At one point I thought I was the only one in SK With intrest in the sport,Because the community is so hush hush . because it has to be.
I have a little acreage out side moose Jaw were I have waged many a battle by my self shooting boxes lol

I dont take chances With my beloved hobby I dont show any one my collection they are locked up and remain hidden to all but a select few

I would love to meet some fellow softers in my area that I can trust..
It would end me To see this hobby illegal

thx guys for listening to my rant

[BE]vinni October 24th, 2008 08:19

Hi, my name is Vincent and i live in Belgium.

I've been playing airsoft for about 3 years. I've registered on this site because someone send me a link with a CIRAS that is for sale here.
sadly i have insufficient funds :(

firebolt November 1st, 2008 05:04

Hi, newby here..

even to airsoft,
i have been a gun lover since i was born, but never did something with it , those days replicas where very crummy,
did pick-up a very nice webly spring pellet gun, and did some shooting with it , first in the back yard, later on the shooting range,
wanted to go up to the real deal, but way to much hassle and money i could miss then ( living in yurop )
and moved on...

a few weeks back i say for the first time, the realisme and models off airsoft guns,
i was hooked again..

ever since i'm searching for the best GGB gun on the market, upgrades , tuning bits , the how and why's
even going to group up with a team :)

so forgive if i'm going to ask stupid questions

regards, martin

Soulfly November 9th, 2008 16:34

Hey Guys! My name is Trevor and I'm 23 years young. A friend of mine, Jeff (baker_jeff) Introduced me to the sport a while ago.. but I never had Interest.. I've always been a huge paintball fan.. But Recently.. I've been searching for BB guns and Wanted to design a semi-auto/full-auto BB Gun, but then decided to just get into Airsoft. I'd rather play on a field in scenario games and such.

Shall be fun getting to know a few of you.. and I'm looking forward to purchasing my First L96! I also have interest in some other guns as well.. But Mainly the L96, G36 and MP5.

Thanks Guys!

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