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SilentRage August 12th, 2008 00:41

Hey all!
The names is Andrew, i'm a 22yr old no0b from Calgary lookin to get into the sport. Like most others I didn't think much of airsoft at first. Until I had the chance to try it out a few weeks ago, it was a thrill! Now I'm left wanting more.

BudLebowski August 16th, 2008 02:53

Yo sup guys my buddie just got me into airsoft going to get age verified on tuesday with him so i hope to see some of yous on the feilds near Hamilton/ surrounding area

vic_man4 August 21st, 2008 22:48

Hi, My names Vic, Im friends with Midgetkid, Im 16 and have been airsofting for 2 years now if my maths correct, but thats clearsoft :P

I already know my 18th birthday gift and thats to be age verified from Mr. Evolution XD

Sneaky August 22nd, 2008 00:25

Hi im andrew, call sign is Sneaky. Ive been playing airsoft for almost 2 years now. Im from the United States and almost 16. Hopefully ill be able to get age verified in a couple years but just interested in the site heard about it from Cablackfire.

kalnaren August 22nd, 2008 00:28


Originally Posted by Sneaky (Post 801137)
Hi im andrew, call sign is Sneaky. Ive been playing airsoft for almost 2 years now. Im from the United States and almost 16. Hopefully ill be able to get age verified in a couple years but just interested in the site heard about it from Cablackfire.

If your in the US you don't need to be verified. Age Verifacation is an Airsoft Canada internal policy, used to limit the sale of airsoft guns to adults, and to limit scams in the classifieds.

Flea-ish August 25th, 2008 02:39

Hey everybody,
My name is Sean, I hail from Winnipeg, Mb, and i'm an alcoho- i mean, i like airsoft!.... >.<

ALLGAR August 25th, 2008 03:32

hello brandon from the lower mainland, underaged, but have been playing with mid grade guns for a couple years. Currently out of airsoft as am out of money and plan on seeing what will happen within the next four years of the airsoft community to see if I even need a verification by then, or if the sky is falling and recreation is non-existent. I have read the FAQ and know a bit about the game.

edit: oh yeah I got my 'weapons' from A&A when they were around.
Total bummer when they retired

oracle August 27th, 2008 04:35

Hey, name is Ian I go by the call sign "Oracle" im from Vancouver, USA (right next to Portland, OR), just wanted to say hey from your friends to the south.

Mister Donut August 28th, 2008 18:03

New from Richmond, BC
Hey all, haven't played cops 'n robbers since i was 10 but I remember playing with toy guns was a $hitload of fun.

Well, that's not entirely highschool, me and several friends had some spring action, single-shot airsoft guns and we had a blast. One rich kid had an AEG and we all thought he was cheating. We used to play in the middle of the night at a park, or just around some buildings....I hear you might get shot by police you do that nowadays. Anyways, we didn't have any particular rules (just the honor system - you get shot, you're out), but it was loads of fun.

I think I want to get into airsoft, but I think I need some more stuff and information. I just acquired a TM M4 R.I.S. and a Hi-Capa, no batteries, chargers, extra mags, BBs, mask, goggles, straps or holster. My original intention was just to get them as wall-hangers, but the more I think about it, the more I want to shoot them.

Anyways, hope to find out more information about the sport here and maybe see some of you on the field.

RICKBO September 3rd, 2008 02:00

Me name be Nick, They call me Rick
I came to this forum from the PDW forums, Mostly just to get my hands on an AEG in time for boot next weekend, but I may be around here more often than I thought, so I'll say hey and introduce meself.
A nineteen year old form the middle of the middle of Canada (Saskatoon to be more specific) A co-worker of mine brought up airsoft one day and I took a good long look into. Having finally found that Hobby I fit into so well I decided to get much more involved.
Some of you may know me as RICK BO from some other online shooter(such as TF2) Some of you may recognize me as Tzolot on certain console gaming(that I don't do much anymore) most likely though if you've seen me in the past it was under the name: Hey_dude

My current loadout consists of a TM p90, Crosman C11(NBB) and stinger p9(springer), and a nice multicam combat set from Huang.

brently0725 September 3rd, 2008 03:41

Hey everyone. I'm Brent from Mission BC. I am 29 and work at NAPA Auto Parts in Abbotsford BC. I have full custody of my 2 kids, Calvin aged 6 and Keeya aged 4. I love them to pieces. Airsoft is F^%#ing crazy!!! I never have had so much fun before. I always play at Bigfoot with my club Mission Airsoft and some from FVAA!! Hope to see some of you guys out there soon!!! Awesome field, check it out.

Jimski September 3rd, 2008 09:29

you don't really need to list all the parts in your sig :)

NovemberPapaCharlie September 4th, 2008 12:08

Hello everyone my name is Neil I am from HRM I am brand new to Airsoft and I have been aged verified Im 33 anyways I plan on doing some shopping soon take care and chat soon

3vyl September 6th, 2008 17:44

New to ASC AND Airsoft!
Hi! My name is Cedric(it is a sorta french name). i turned 13 a few months ago and I got a airsoft about a month ago! i know i am underages but my mom would let me have one! the main reason i got one is because my best friend got a airsoft for no absolute reason. I have 1 gun i have no clue what the name is but i can describe i and could someone help me identifie it? the gun is a miniature replica of a AK-47 ( i know my real guns:p ) its see trough plastic no color whatsoever, batteries operated (batteries are a real hassle to get in!) and its fully automatic one thing i hate about it.. the safety! you have to have the safety pulled down manually(its spring operated) all the time!!! but i love it! i have no clue what the FPS is. i am planing of buying a kit of airsoft from wal-mart i can describe the guns but i cant really give a brief description of it because i only looked at it for around 5 minutes while it was in its package there are 2 guns one is a assault rifle (cant tell what kind it is) and a handgun (same thing cant tell) you get like 5 different scopes for it all i can remember is a red dot sight ( it was some time ago) anyways that's my gun and future guns! I never played a game so i have no idea what the thrill is. i did shoot my self in the hand once ( i was wondering if it hurt and i needed to wake up that morning:P) I was planning of having a game over at my friends house with a few friends but his parents dint want him to have it because unofficial games are illegal (true or not? can someone help?)

pnygmr September 6th, 2008 22:24

Joel here, Anothe newbie from Brampton, On. Turning 35 .

Got interested with airsoft when I bought a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun that was supposed to be for my son (bought at Bass Pro Shop). I find myself practice shooting more than him. After watching hours of airsoft vids at youtube, I am eager to learn more about this sport / hobby. I am also into R/C for around 10 years now. Mostly drive 4wd monster trucks (preferred electric than nitro).

I find the site to be very informative and the members knowledgeable. As I can see, you need to read and/or search first rather than post. I hope I can someday partake in some of your gatherings.

Now...time to contact a regional rep to get age verified.

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