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Wiersema December 27th, 2005 01:35

We in the forces call those Cadpat gloves "48 hour gloves" because they're so crappy, they only last 48 hours. And the Cadpat bivvy bags are quite a hot item i must say. But the cadpat fleece jackets are indeed the top of the kit that i can name off the top of my head.

Whozat December 27th, 2005 05:43


Originally Posted by pugs144
I have a CADPAT bivy bag.

Me two. Sweet piece of kit.

KC December 27th, 2005 07:51

our entire regiments got the cadpat gloves too...i got mine issued on course. don't think they're THAT crappy...the cadpat pattern does start to fade off after awhile though. seen the cadpat bivy bag on course before but don't own one.they're nice though. anyone have an idea what the balistic goggles look like? those are the next things comming down in our unit

Greykin December 27th, 2005 11:29

They look like this I think:
I've never gotten mine, over a year and I never got mine =/, I actually had to bring in my own goggles for those dusty helicopter trips.

Also note that these things are in no way can stop fast speed flying projectiles =P, mainly used for sun, dust, and wind, hence the name of the goggles. I heard however that there is actually a ballistic lens replacement in some. I haven't seen any yet though.. so those are probably the ones you have coming in.

Point_Man December 27th, 2005 12:31


Originally Posted by pugs144
I have a CADPAT bivy bag. They're not that hard to find.

Where did you find yours? Issued? I still have an issued OD one. It works just as well as any for it's intended purpose.

Greykin December 27th, 2005 13:03

I never thought it was that hot of an item, I feel priviledged now lol.

(500 posts =D)

BawBag December 27th, 2005 14:56

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Hey, MikeL: Sorry about thinking you were retired. Please don't hurt me :mrgreen:

Anyways, my digi cam is the one that retired early. So I was stuck using my high speed webcam. Mind the shitty pics.

Theres the Gortex gloves, a feild dressing, winter weight canteen(So when you go to take a drink of water it's not frozen in your summer canteen, its frozen in the winter one :? ) Polypro Balaclava/neck warmer (yummy peices of kit), The OLD gloves good for nothing, the NEW CADPAT gloves that 'no reservist' can have(Ie me?)Just kidding. Last but not least the really nice ballistic glasses. Comes with clear lense but I bet EVERY single person switched it to the tinted one right away.
Any questions/comments go ahead.
I'll try to get better pics and replace them. but if you were a civi and trying to find what soldiers really have, now you know! *edit* Or cadet?? :-x
LOL enough mistakes on my end. Thanks MikeL, I'm on crack today. But I coulda sworn it's a winter canteen.

BawBag December 27th, 2005 16:08

Hahah.. Dunno what I was thinking. Just cleaning the house today and trying to post pics so my brain isn't all here with them cleaning fumes.

KC December 28th, 2005 08:37

ever used the neck warmer in an actual tactical situation yet? does it beat the combat scarf?

Greykin December 28th, 2005 11:50

Neckwarmer? I'm confused, there is the balaclava, and then there is the gator. As far as I'm concerned people love it. Generally people wear the gator overtop of the balaclava. Seems like the only problem is that little icsicles(sp?) form over the netting part overtime lol. It's quite amusing to see.

Point_Man December 28th, 2005 12:07

Neckwarmmer and Gator are essentially the same thing.

-Skeletor- December 28th, 2005 13:12

KC, IMO scarfs suck. Neck Gator/Warmer is a lot better, an not bulky like a scarf.

Point_Man December 28th, 2005 13:24

The old school combat scarf is more like a combat blanket. I find it almost to large to be a useful scarf. It's pretty good if you plan on wrapping your head up though. But yeah....any more Canadian or Canadian-esque kit pics coming?

mctaz December 28th, 2005 19:50


Originally Posted by -MikeL-
McTaz GI stuff is American issue, ie USGI.

Anyways, its kinda annoying when civvies get all the brand new kit(most likely stolen property) off ebay or whatever an a lot of people in the military don't even have that stuff issued yet.

MikeL i hope that you use this word for other civvies that have-use marpat or other military forbidden items....


mctaz December 29th, 2005 17:59


Originally Posted by -MikeL-
McTaz, I don't know what is considered illegal for civilians to own concerning US Military kit. Only time I say things concerning US kit is when I see people wearing insignia they did not earn(Reenacting I don't say much about aslong as they know what they are talking about, an respect everything. If the person has no idea what the f*ck they are talking about, or goes overboard on giving themselves medals, etc I will say something about it. Oh, an posers are another thing I don't like.

I do know what is illegal for civilians to own concerning Canadian Kit(especialyl since most is stolen property) an I will say what I think about civvies owning it. Don't get offended by it though. I'm not trying to attack you or anything.

Don't take it personally; its just the internet/a forum an I say this kind of stuff to everyone.

Hi MikeL,
for me is good understand that you don't want attack me.

i don't speak well english and is difficult for me understand why if canadian user post photo of cadpat items is all ok and if i post photo is problem......

after said this i want remember to all user that buy marpat for civilians is forbidden (only USMC force can have GI items in this pattern)


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