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gandar December 24th, 2005 14:32


Originally Posted by -MikeL-
<-- some people take that to mean its allowed to wear uniforms, etc to paintball an airsoft, but.. if it was allowed why did all those reservists who wore there uniforms, tac vests, etc to a airsoft game all get into shit? <--link isn't working anymore though

Actually they got in shit because they were doing full out rifle drills, and had all their unit insignias on as well as the rank sleeves, and they were doing other stupidity completely unrelated to uniform wearing. But that's not what this thread is out.

Lerch December 24th, 2005 17:26

Any chance you could add some light to that picture?

gandar December 24th, 2005 17:30

lol You should see my buddy's Scrim, I'll take a picture of it next time I'm at his place... it looks like a camo Afro..... Fairly amusing. He was told to put scrim on his helmet. So he did. However, he could have scrimmed 4 helmets with what he used. lol

Lerch December 24th, 2005 17:48

Now remember kids...scrim is not supposed to be a bush. It's supposed to break up the outline of your helmet (which is oh-so recognizable) and add to the camoflage.

A friggin' branch could be scrim if used properly.

bean December 24th, 2005 17:51

What do you mean starts to get heavy? The helemt we got is heavy in the first place. I seen one guy use string as scrim and it looked pretty wierd espicially when he had it clipped to his tac vest. It all just hung down almost looked like he had corn roes when he wore it.

Lerch December 24th, 2005 17:54

Well if you use alot of scrim (particularly something like your scrim scarf.. :lol: ), and then it just adds uneeded weight onto your head. Having stuff like the CADPAT net and some scrap cordura would work better.

gandar December 24th, 2005 17:57

Our helmets really AREN'T that heavy. My football helmet weighed that much. It's really not that bad. But yes, he just went overboard to be a smart ass. Scrim can look bad assed if it's done properly.

BawBag December 24th, 2005 19:01

10 Attachment(s)
Hey, I'm in the CF so I have all the fun issued stuff. didn't bother taking pics of that because well, its issued. Heres some pics of my non-issued CADPAT goodies
(Might have to post twice to get all the pics in.)

Just thumb nails, click for larger:)

BawBag December 24th, 2005 19:09

10 Attachment(s)
Hey here's the last of the pics (for now)
What you have just seen in the pics is a ESSTAC chest rig with CP mostly CP pouches. Point_Man has made me a few custom ones, for the old school knife, moded C9 Pouch and 2 wedges. Any questions or comments from anyone/everyone is great. Except BlackHawk(Just joking)

Lerch December 24th, 2005 20:50


Originally Posted by BawBag
..Except BlackHawk(Just joking)

:-o I'm shocked!

I've been thinking about an ESSTAC rig, how's it do for you?
Ps. is that the CPGear map case in the third pic?

BawBag December 24th, 2005 22:27

Haha, I knew you were going to be the first to reply. In answer to your questions. The ESSTAC rig is just 100% Godly. It's pretty much bomb proof. I was lucky and got it for $151Shipped after tax's. When its normally listed for 149.00 Without shipping/tax.
That is correct. A map case from CP. More or less I got it for when I'm doing role playing airsoft games. It's great because the plastic you can draw on. With them frigging white board markers and is easily washed off so the 'bad guys' can't find out our plan and of course protects the map.
A little about the ESSTAC that I have.
Holds 18mags (+1 in the AEG), holds a knife (Amazingly done by Point_Man) A Medic pouch//Commanders pouch *Using as a dump puch, nice and deep* I put the C9 pouch on the back buckel (Holding my Landmine, and on the 2 side pockets is 3 pistol speed loaders and a pair of Tan gloves)*Again amazing work Point_Man* Canteen pouch with the canteen straw (Not seen in pic). To hold 18mags I have used 2x double mag wedges, 2 single mag pouches (On bib of chest rig), and 4x triple mag pouches. And thats the just of it:) HIGHLY recommended, to anyone( the ESSTAC rig) Except, I don't wanna hate on anyone but it would be pretty useless to any cadet activity...

Ibby December 25th, 2005 05:43

Sorry to get off topic again here but thanks MikeL for posting that. Doesn't seem to apply to us regs though.

BawBag December 25th, 2005 16:10

You don't actually wear that for airsoft games do you?
BB's don't hurt THAT much:P

Edit:MikeL -- Haha, I know.. I'm just bugging ya about the helmet. Very nice scrim job btw. My helmet is only the CADPAT cargo net cut up on it and some od my old OD t-shirt.

Greykin December 25th, 2005 23:04

Screw the helmet, bush cap all the way! wooo.

Lerch December 26th, 2005 04:11

I dunno, I feel just a little more invincible when I wear kevlar. Albeit, it's not required all the time, but it is intimidating to have someone in full rig and kevlar coming after you.

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