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Lerch November 25th, 2005 21:31

For now...but just wait. I hope to be picking up my set on Monday.

Then I'll personalize it and take pictures 8-)

made Man November 25th, 2005 23:00


Originally Posted by Cosmonaut 1
I got the real stuff right here....:) and i didnt pay i cent :P

Same here.
I just wish i could use at the games :(

GMTII November 25th, 2005 23:40


Yeoman November 26th, 2005 08:35
there's my Canadian kit :)
post it as often as I can, I think it's slick!

Lerch November 26th, 2005 09:46

Your denison smock makes me wet ;-)

Yeoman November 26th, 2005 14:41


Originally Posted by Black Hawk
Your denison smock makes me wet ;-)

if only I had an authentic one *sigh*, 3K + for one.
it's a great piece of camo though, suprised when I used it the first time.

CanadianCombat December 10th, 2005 23:53

if your in the canadian army reserves can u were ur camo from there, when in an airsoft game.

BawBag December 11th, 2005 01:50

Meh.. For the most part yes, many will say no. But really, what are they gonna do?

Lerch December 12th, 2005 00:08

I got all my CADPAT and tomorrow I'm gonna go run around and 'break it in'.

Hopefully the rednecks don't chase me again :kill:

BawBag December 12th, 2005 11:35

Break in BDU's?? Really? Oh my god.. I didn't know that

LucidFox December 12th, 2005 19:56


That's cool you have ERT stuff. That's fricking wicked :P. The WWII stuff is cool to.

ert December 12th, 2005 21:11

I would suggest you don't do it...

Lerch December 13th, 2005 01:48

You might get away (sometimes) with wearing the TV and extra bits. But really, leave your issued CADPAT at home and find yourself a set from a surplus store.

Point_Man December 18th, 2005 16:23

8 Attachment(s)
Here are a few pics of CADPAT gear I have. Post more later when I have the chance. First is an Essential Tactical PMB Chest Rig. Pouches are:

-4 triple M4 mag pouches
-2 Large utility/C9 box pouches (one modified as a dump pouch)
-1 homemade double M4 mag wedge
-1 Radio/small utility pouch on detachable bib
-2 homemade pistol mag pouches

Next is a CF small pack. This is issued to me. Also have a pic of my custom wedges on their own.

Farmboy December 18th, 2005 22:19

Here is my Drop Zone Recce Smock :D

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