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Ratters May 17th, 2019 03:25

Ares L85A2 gearbox drama
Not feeding currently, opened gb found tappet smudged on the rear underside face of engaging area by factory gear delayer nub. Tappet plate thin bar seems to be bending upwards under load, tappet springs seems very strong to pull back and tappet is bending up then twisting and popping off gear nub. Common problem with this gun or wear and tear? I am currently looking for a replacement tappet plate and possible replacement gearbox. Should i invest in an ics L85A2 over this one or should i ressurect this hefty paperweight?

Ratters May 20th, 2019 13:22

L85A2 issue
New tappet plate x2 and an Ares delayer is on the way. I will update post-op for those interested to know or those experiencing similar issue

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