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BloodSport August 17th, 2015 11:16

Northern Ontario Age Verifiers

Name: Andrew
ASC: Wardlord

Contact the Master AV Rep if you are having trouble getting in touch with your local AV Rep, or need help in determining which AV Rep(s) are nearest to you. For further information; please consult the Age Verification FAQ section in the forums.

Thank you.


Name: James
ASC: Sentenced2burn
Location: Thunder Bay
Contact: ASC PM - EMAIL

Name: Josh
ASC: Gunk
Location: Thunder Bay
Contact: ASC PM - EMAIL

Name: Robert
ASC: RKAirsofter
Location: Sault Ste. Marie
Contact: ASC PM - EMAIL

Name: Keegan
ASC: keegant
Location: North Bay, Ontario
Contact: / (live chat) /

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