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so this is what he's talkin bout lol
this is full of pics of weapon parts being used or just layin around...most of the stuff in here you prolly haven't ever seen but indeffinately thought of once while you were hunkered down behind a wall as pellets fly overhead, and you were wishing you had one of these to get yourself outta that jam your album is full of what our dreams are made of...warfare
Chainsaw...the joke of the scatter-gun masses...this guy was a failed attempt at making a shitty recoil buffer system...obviously mossberg ran outta...
the new Kel-Tec KSG's a tactical dual chamber/tube/magazine shotgun...each tube holds 7 shells at 2+3/4 length...12g 
thus making this bad...
hahaha, a buds project before he left for took him 3months to get it working and his CO let him bring it on tour... 
i've got a Stihl...
this is another semi-bull-pup mock up from china...i do think this will be a great seller on the urban market...very small, high powered (supposedly...
need we say more
107Gun...hand made in china...obviously... 
this is NOT an airsoft's a bullpup mock up of a 22short
mccann mount 1695web...this is a 3X magnifier for an AK nightscope
Mini ACOG 5735...this is the newest trijicon...very small and very is the 50/50 power usage...half from natural light and in no-light...
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